Henry Robert Prahl

Gerichtsstra├če 2
44135 Dortmund

Instagram: h_prahl

Only a small part of my work can be referred online due to limited usage rights.
If interested, I can send you a full portfolio via Mail!

I’ll be more than happy to answer your call or mail.

Short Bio

Born 1997, I was always interested in creative work, problem solving and working close with other creative people.
Starting 2015 studying photography at the FH Dortmund, I further developed my sense for aestethics and design.
After a creative break in 2016, during which I switched my major to economics, I combined my talents and education for creativity and business as a producer for Standbild GmbH and also gained much experience as a director.
In 2023 I became a freelancer to gain flexibility and more control over my own work.

My style

My style in directing and photography is defined by a clean, clear aesthetic and often centralized perspectives.
Also in producing I try to communicate as direct and precise as I can, as honesty, transparency and simplicity are the keys for everybody – customers, crew and me – to have the best possible outcome.
This enables more room for creativity and bombastic visuals, as well as keeping the budget controllable.